The Cascara Project

Our contribution to a a better world

By creating delicious cascara products, we encourage organic coffee growers to use their coffee cherry pulp instead of throwing it away.

This not only reduces food waste and soil acidification, but also generates additional income for the farmers.

We are proud to be the pioneering company that succeeded in changing the EU Novel Food legislation and allowing the consumption of cascara.

The Cascara Project

A future better

For the planet

The more cascara is valued, the better off the planet will be.


For the growers

A second source of income

For you

A refreshing and natural drink.


We must consume sustainable

Our goal is to make people aware of the urgency of sustainable consumption. For us, this means giving value to cascara. This is our contribution to a more sustainable economy.

Our objective is to popularise cascara. The more people become aware of the virtues of this product, the more it will be valued We want it to be used rather than discarded, which will contribute to solving the pollution that it has generated up to now.

The one, the only

Finally, a real drink circular

It doesn't get much more circular than that!

We transform coffee fruit residues into a healthy and refreshing drink. Once the cascara is brewed, the fruit waste is then converted into biogas to generate a sustainable district heating system for residential and commercial use. We work directly with the organic coffee growers to help them manage the waste by creating a new income.
Fabio Bettinelli
Founder of the Cascara Project