Los Yungas (x3)

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Pure Cascara Tea

Dried Cascara for infusion in 70g bags.

"Bright citrus and apple notes, with a delicate honey aroma. Light acidity, no bitterness and a light caramel colour."

Cascara is the pulp of the coffee cherry, a dry fruit, rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, energizing thanks to the presence of natural caffeine, and contributing to the combustion of fat by its natural draining active ingredient. Ideal for infusion.

Los Yungas is a cascara from the Caranavi region of Bolivia and is grown by the Aprocafe Asociación.

The fruits are hand-picked at optimum ripeness for a delicate flavour signature. Bolivia, along with Yemen and Ethiopia, has the longest history of cascara tea consumption, under the local name "Sultana".


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Ready to brew

Per 200 ml cup, we suggest to infuse 5g (one tablespoon) of cascara in water at 92° for 4 to 6 minutes.

This is the ideal way to get the most out of cascara, while limiting its natural caffeine content (similar to a black tea).

To vary your pleasures, you can add a few mint leaves or a piece of ginger to the infusion, and why not a spoonful of honey or agave syrup.

Dried cascara should only be consumed as an infusion.

Further information

Weight 210 g
Dimensions 15.55 × 24.9 × 24 cm

12-24 months depending on the tea

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